Buxom Lip Polish Review and Swatches

If you don’t like a little tingle, you’re going to hate this gorgeous gloss.


I originally tried the Buxom Lip Polishes years ago and wasn’t into the plumping effect. However, I was always drawn to the amazing color selection and vanilla scent. Plus so many Youtubers rave about the formula and the cute packaging is tempting.

Over the weekend, I popped into Sephora for the VIB Rouge sale and noticed the glosses were only $8 with the once-a-year discount. Since they’re normally $22 a pop, I grabbed a couple to try out.

There were tons of shades, but I finally decided on Kanani, a bubblegum pink, and Ava, a pretty nude. Ava is much more opaque than Kanani on the lips, and they both have a pretty shimmer without looking glittery.

IMG_2400I definitely feel the tingling sensation, but it’s not as unpleasant as I remembered. The plumping effect isn’t dramatic either – I don’t really see the difference in lip size or volume while wearing these glosses. I think the shimmer may emphasize the lips in a pouty way.

The Buxom Lip Polish is also so long lasting as far as gloss formulas which I appreciate because I don’t have time to touch up very often. This means it is a little sticky for a lip gloss, but it doesn’t bother me as much as I expected. I like that it fades in a relatively non-weird way as well and seems to keep my lips pretty moisturized.

This gloss impressed me enough that I ended up ordering a few more shades to give as gifts! The names match those of some friends which is too cute to pass up.



Long lasting

Extensive color selection


Unsure about pluming aspect

Varied opacity

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