The Rings I Wear Every Day

The story behind my favorite jewelry

These rings are my most important possessions. I wear them with every outfit on regular days and for all special occasions. So, since you may be seeing them regularly, I wanted to share why I’m always wearing them.

My mom gave me the blue star sapphire on the bottom. It’s really special because she purchased it herself when she was thirteen years old. Last year, my mom was telling her sister about it and it turned out my aunt actually had the ring! My mom had me try it on because blue is my favorite color. It fit perfectly on my right hand and I have worn it every day since. I love the two gold hearts around the setting – it’s like there’s one for each sister.

The high school ring was my grandma’s from 1942. People ask me about it all the time. My grandma passed away when I was a senior in high school; she was such a bright light in our family and I love wearing something of hers. I also liked the idea of a high school ring, but my school’s were not very pretty – this one is gorgeous and it’s also blue. I’ve worn this on my left hand for seven years.

Lastly, the heart ring is the one I’ve had the longest. My dad’s sister passed away about a week before my seventh birthday and it was a gift from her and another aunt. It was a little too big back then, so I didn’t start wearing it until I was older and now it’s always on my right hand. They had a little M engraved into it, which I love.

So these are my everyday rings – pretty little objects with meaningful stories attached to them. Do you have any sentimental jewelry or family heirlooms?

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