Glossier Lidstar Swatches and Review

Are these worth the hype?

Probably should have closed Cub…

I trekked out to the Glossier showroom in the crazy storm with my friend Anastasia today. We just had to check out the new Glossier Lidstars because they looked so beautiful online. There are six shades in this liquid eyeshadow formula ranging from neutrals to darker colors. Here are swatches of all of the shadows.

Why did I swatch these so weirdly? Who knows.

From the left and then top to bottom:

  • Fawn – cool taupe
  • Slip – sheer baby pink with gold shimmer
  • Lily – sheer lilac
  • Herb – forest green with gold glitter
  • Moon – sheer cream with turquoise glitter
  • Cub – copper

You can definitely tell the difference in the sheer formulas – see how even and opaque Herb, Fawn, and Cub are? Whereas Moon is a bit patchy and Lily and Slip are just less opaque. I really love Fawn, but I have similar shades. I think I’ll pick up Moon (love that blue reflect) and Slip when my no buy is over in April. They’re pretty reasonably priced at 2/$30. I’m not a Glossier rep, but if you shop through my BFF link, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase too.

The dry down time is really fast and then they hardly budge. I rubbed my finger across the swatches several times (documented on Instagram stories!) and the shadows held up almost perfectly. I tried on Lily – which looks less overtly purple on the lids – and it had only minimally faded after we walked from store to store for about three hours in the middle of a blizzard. I had wiped snow off my face several times by the way.

Honestly, I was pretty impressed by the new Lidstars. If there is a color you love, I would recommend the formula! Are you picking one up? How do you guys feel about Glossier?

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