Drugstore Dud or Delight: Yes To and Pixi Beauty

One skincare review; one makeup review

I’ve used a few Yes To products in the past (the cucumber and blueberry cleansers and I think a tomato moisturizer back in the day) and I was pretty impressed with the line. I really believe in investing in your skincare, so when I find a drugstore line that works for me, I’m happily surprised.

I received this Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mask Bar last month thanks to the Preen.me VIP program. It came with this adorable little brush, which is super soft and perfectly applies this mask. I’d never tried a mask bar before, but it’s really a genius invention, especially considering how much I travel! There’s no mess and it doesn’t count as a liquid for carry-on bags.

The first step is to wet the clean brush and then swipe it across the charcoal bar a couple times. You should pick up enough product for about half of the face. I make sure I’m applying to clean skin since I have to dip the brush into the mask again for more product.

Then you let it dry for ten minutes and wipe away with a damp cloth. I’ve had drier than usual skin this season, but this thankfully this still works for me and doesn’t dry my skin out more. It does feel a little “squeaky clean” after rinsing, but a bit of moisturizer takes care of that. I only use this once every couple weeks when I really need a detox. It’s great a few days after flying when my skin starts to freak out.

I think this is a tiny bit pricey for the drugstore ($16.99 at Target), but I think it’s an innovative product and it’s effective. The travel friendliness alone is worth it to me. Definitely a Drugstore Delight in my book!

Next I’ve been testing out this Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing Mist that I purchased on Dermstore. I hadn’t ever shopped there before, but so many people on Instagram have raved about it. They carry tons of amazing brands and I received 20% off my first purchase, which was awesome.

This product is really interesting too because you can use it in a few different ways. If you spray it before applying any makeup, it prolongs the wear of the products. You can of course use it to set your makeup once finished – which I’ve been doing most often – and then refresh throughout the day too.

I haven’t found a setting spray that I love enough to use consistently until this one! It really gives my makeup a natural looking finish and does seem to extend the wear. The only tricky part is the nozzle… I find it best to hold the bottle about a foot or arm’s length away from my face. The circumference of the spray is great there, but any closer and the mist turns into more of a spritz with noticeable drops on the skin. The packaging is also super cute and I like the scent. Another Drugstore Delight here!

It was definitely a great month for drugstore finds for me! What should I try next? Do you have an holy grail items from the drugstore?

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