May Birchbox

Monthly unboxing and reviews

I received my Birchbox right before my Chicago trip, which was perfect timing to test out new samples. My box had a bunch of skincare, which I absolutely love trying, and a shampoo and conditioner.

Here are some texture swatches of the three skincare items: the Hanalei Lip Treatment in Clear, the Comfort Zone Remedy Cream to Oil Ultra Gentle Cleanser, and the Nyakio Kenyan Face Polish.

I’ve been using the lip balm often and it reminds me a little bit of Carmex. The scent is pretty similar and the texture is just a bit more slippery.

I’m unfortunately not a huge fan of the Cream to Oil Cleanser. I generally don’t like makeup removers that you apply to dry skin and then add water. I felt like this one left a residue and didn’t remove all of my makeup.

The face polish is great thankfully! It exfoliates without being harsh and it smells great.

I haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioner yet because I’m saving them for my trip to Florida! They’re supposed to help with frizz, which sounds perfect for the humid weather on the beach.

Box Breakdown

Nyakio Face Polish .5 oz = $4

Hanalei Lip Treatment est. .25 oz = $10

Comfort Zone Cleanser .5 oz = $3.50

Matrix Shampoo 1.7 oz = $2

Matrix Conditioner 1.7 oz = $2

For $10, I received $21.50 of product this month. That’s lower than usual, so I hope I like the shampoo and conditioner. If so, this box will turn out to be a good one!

What did you get in your box this month? If you haven’t subscribed yet, I would love to refer you!

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