Favorite Fitness Classes in New York City

Best Group WorkoutsThis post is a bit different for me, but exercise is a major part of my life and these studios are the best I’ve found here in the city. I like to take a variety of classes from dance to weightlifting in order to train and strengthen my body in different ways. I also find each one corresponds to a mood or evokes an emotion (more on that below).My absolute favorite discovery workout-wise has been Classpass. It’s a subscription based app that lets you use credits for classes all across the city. That’s how I discovered almost all of these studios and instructors. I pay $45 a month and take around 3-4 classes a month. Sometimes I’ll stretch my credits and use a couple for Gym Time as well.I love that Classpass is a low-risk way to try out a new class, considering how some drop-in fees are $30 or more. I also don’t like being tied to one gym or studio since my workout schedule varies so much due to travel or what I’m up for that week. If you’re interested in trying Classpass, you can get $40 off your first month by using my referral link!Pilates is my favorite workout class, so there are a couple options on this list. I do Reformer and a combination Mat and dance class.

  • WundaBar – this intimate, ground-level studio in Soho houses the WundaFormer, a twist on the classic Reformer machine with an added ballet barre and jump board. This class is a lovely, doable challenge and I leave feeling stronger physically and mentally. The small studio size means it’s great for beginners since there are only about eight people in any class. There are always advanced modifications too, so I haven’t gotten bored or plateaued.
  • Pop Pilates @ Athleta Flatiron – this one isn’t on Classpass, but it is free! I love this fusion exercise from Blogilates founder Cassey Ho. It’s a mixture of traditional mat pilates set to music with some choreography. I feel the burn in this class, but it’s also really fun. Now that it’s during the middle of the day on Mondays, I don’t really get to go, but you can catch Omayra teaching Zumba too.

Dance and Barre classes are in my top favorites as well. Sometimes I want a deep-burn or a sweaty cardio session and other times I want something closer to traditional ballet.

  • Feels Pretty Awesome – this is one of the most uplifting classes I’ve ever been to. Kristen is an amazing teacher and has combined dance cardio with the therapeutic feeling of a yoga class. You’ll sweat it out in a carefree way and feel happy afterward.
  • Pop Physique – this is the best class for sculpting in my opinion. It’s a Barre class featuring the Lotte Berk method focused on core stability (like Pilates) while drawing from ballet. I still shake while doing this class, but the fun music and bright pink decor makes it feel less rigid.
  • Buns Out Ballet – this is another class I originally found through Athleta and Kiva now teaches privately. It’s a more relaxed approach to ballet, but you will still improve your technique and learn the language. I find this class brings me back to my childhood ballet practice.

The last two are kind of opposites as one is an intense weightlifting class and the other is a yoga class.

  • Liftonic – this is a weightlifting class that will really push you. My favorite one is  Abs and Core, but Full Body is a great all around workout. There are several sets of lifting with some body-weight and cardio training in between. I leave exhausted but empowered.
  • Coreworks – this is a class at Sacred Sounds Yoga. It has traditional stretching and flow sequences with a focus on the core. I love that it makes me feel relaxed and centered, but like I still got a workout in too.

I’ve also taken boxing, rowing, and other dance classes through ClassPass, but these are my very favorites. Have you ever tried ClassPass? What’s your favorite workout?

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