Supergreat App Review – What is it and should you join?

An interesting new review app

Recently, I’ve seen a few of my beauty blogger friends on Instagram posting stories about an app called Supergreat. They were sharing fun, casual video reviews and some were unveiling the rewards they received! I thought it was almost too good to be true – free beauty products for sharing reviews I already was doing on my story?!

I created an account and made a few clips while getting ready one morning. It’s very addicting because of the short form video (60 seconds or less!), laidback feeling of the platform, and ease of uploading! I ended up posting 6 reviews in ten minutes!

You can search for any product, like Drunk Elephant above, and then add your own review. You can also very easily add new products because Supergreat pulls the picture, correct name, and link to purchase from online stores.

I really enjoy watching these short reviews because you tend to get the most important info right away (versus a 10 minute YouTube video that usually leaves this info for last). Many people are demoing the product at the same time which is really helpful!

Here’s a snapshot of review I did of the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Stardust. You can see the clip has 34 views. For every 10 views, you receive 1 coin from the app. You can also get a coin per 2 clicks (if someone wants to purchase the product) and for each friend you refer. Speaking of, please consider using my code “jeansandgems” to sign up if you’d like!

These coins translate to rewards on the app. They have sheet masks for only 20 coins or expensive candles for 70, so you can cash in relatively early or save up. I’m totally eyeing this Hourglass Bronzer below!

To redeem the hand cream above, you’d need to get 500 views across all of your clips, have 50 friends sign up, or 100 people click to purchase the product.

So it’s not exactly as easy as it seemed at first, but I do think it’s a fun and unique way to get rewarded for putting out reviews. I’ve been doing more Get Ready With Me stories and video reviews, so the Supergreat app, for me, is like a natural extension of that. It’s another place to save and share my reviews.

It’s refreshing to see less curated/edited video reviews and it reminds me of the original beauty community on YouTube. Absolutely anyone can do it – no fancy backgrounds or expensive lights needed!

So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, I’d definitely recommend signing up! It’s totally free and you don’t have to contribute either – you can just subscribe to other users and watch, just like YouTube as well.

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