Weekend Wear: Fall Jacket! (OOTD #18)

A perfect addition for fall

When I was back in Chicago a couple weeks ago, my family headed out to Kuiper’s Family Farm for my favorite fall activity: apple picking!! We picked loads of delicious apples and snacked on cinnamon sugar doughnuts and kettle corn from the huge barn store. Half of the fun of Kuiper’s is slowly making your way through all of the fun rooms full of unique goods, from food to home decor. They even have a wine and cider tasting room.

The weather was perfect for breaking in my new Blank NYC Corduroy Moto Jacket. It has the cool vibe of a leather jacket, but the corduroy fabric adds an interesting twist. I love the charcoal gray color as well. This jacket is really comfortable and warmer than I was expecting too! The cord fabric has a great weight to it that helps fend off the chill, but it’s not too bulky either.

We usual don’t venture over to the pumpkin farm side because it’s more kid focused and the store is much smaller. It was the first beautifully chilly fall day though, so we felt like sticking around for a bit longer. Fall is my very favorite season, so it was fun to get in the spirit.

Aren’t these mini pumpkins just the cutest? I had to include a photo because they’re so adorable and just scream fall to me.

Do you have a fall tradition? What’s your favorite season?

Fresh Beauty Kitchen NYC – Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Swatches

Another beautiful shop

Anastasia and I finally popped by the gorgeous Fresh Beauty Kitchen last week. It’s a beautiful space with all kinds of interesting and playful displays that incorporate ingredients, like lemons and rose. You can even wrap your own bar of soap and they had an amazing gift with purchase while we were there. The staff was really friendly and helpful too!

Look at this glorious wall. I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and didn’t even know about some of the shades, like Bloom and Spice. Aren’t these pretty colors? I love the warmer nude shades for fall.

The Sugar Lip Treatment is probably my favorite high end lip balm. The formula is moisturizing and easy to wear and reapply throughout the day. I also love the lemony scent and pretty, color-coordinated packaging. The darker ones sometimes get on my teeth since they’re incredibly emollient, so I stick to the lighter shades. This also means they melt really easily, so I wouldn’t recommend leaving them in a hot car or outdoors in the summer.

When Sugar Advanced Therapy in Dream came out, I didn’t think the color was terribly different from Rosé, but it’s actually much more sheer. It doesn’t have SPF either, but it has lip repairing ingredients instead. I have the original version and love using it before bed.

Lastly, there are a couple limited edition flavors in the Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm, like Peach and Chocolate. They smell amazing, of course, but they also have a teeny hint of color, so here are some more swatches for comparison.

If you’re a fan of Fresh or want to experience their products and learn about ingredients, I would definitely recommend stopping by!

Winky Lux Experience NYC #itsawinkyworld

Another fun store visit!


I just wrote about popping by The Detox Market’s new NYC location and have another shop to share today! Anastasia and I reserved tickets for the Winky Lux Experience this afternoon. It costs $10 to tour seven adorably themed rooms and then you get to apply that $10 to any makeup or skincare in the store!

I liked that each theme corresponded to a Winky Lux product and a helpful guide shared ingredients, texture tips, and swatches as we went through the rooms. The rooms are very playful and some are interactive. They’re all, of course, very Instagrammable.

We had a group of just four girls, which was perfect to view each room and take pictures together. The rooms are kind of small, so I wouldn’t recommend going with a larger group. We had plenty of time to explore the products and take pictures in each room – we didn’t feel rushed at all. Thankfully the other two girls with us were bloggers too!

Afterward we shopped around a bit. I was torn between these gorgeous Glazed Lip glosses and the Kitten Palette. The glosses smell delicious – like doughnuts – and they aren’t sticky at all. They aren’t super pigmented either, but you can definitely tell the difference between the shades. I like that they’re more of lip toppers and easy to apply on the go since they’re sheer.

The Kitten Palette has a perfect mix of neutral and fun shades in my opinion. The shimmers were buttery and the mattes were pretty smooth. I was definitely tempted by this, but I just purchased the new Becca palette and don’t need another eyeshadow palette right now. Plus I don’t have that many lip glosses! I went for the Berry one since it has a fun purple undertone that’s nice for fall. After the ticket discount, it was less than $4 with tax!

I’ve been wearing it for a couple hours and the texture is very smooth on the lips. It hasn’t faded at all which is impressive for a gloss and it feels hydrating as well. The applicator is great for applying enough product with just one dip into the tube too.

Overall, I would totally recommend making a reservation to see the rooms and then using your credit to shop! All of their products are so adorable and affordable too!

The Detox Market Grand Opening in NYC

A gorgeous collection of clean beauty

Last weekend, Anastasia and I went to the grand opening of The Detox Market’s brand new store! I wanted to share a bit of a photo diary with some of the products I checked out since it’s such a beautiful shop. The atmosphere is really bright and airy; it felt so refreshing compared to Sephora’s dark interior. There are tons of wooden elements, green plants, and natural lighting flooding the space as well.

We also discovered a bunch of new-to-us brands, like Hynt (below) and Hush + Dotti (above). The testers are easily accessible and definitely make you want to swatch everything! All of the makeup is in the center of the store while skincare and haircare are along the walls. It’s very easy to shop by product type or by brand. The only thing I didn’t like was that there weren’t many price tags, so it was difficult to determine how much something cost if you were interested.


The grand opening was absolutely packed – with brands and shoppers! Rose Marie Swift from RMS Beauty was there, along with plenty of other brand founders and reps. I thought that was such a cool aspect to the event. I also like how The Detox Market has these signs to share more about the people behind the brands and their stories. Here’s Kjaer Weis (which I have been dying to try!).

There was a huge section of one of my favorite clean beauty brands, Vapour Organic Beauty (reviewed here). Their new glosses were very tempting! Look at all of these beautiful shades!

Here are swatches of the Vapour Beauty Multistick in Courtesan, W3ll People Contour + Highlight Duo, and Hush + Dotti Lip Gloss in Pami (so pigmented! and a unique orange shade). These were my favorite items and are next on my to-buy list! I’m currently on a no-buy after the VIB sale 😦

How gorgeous is this Shimmer Lip Whip by Kari Gran? It is the perfect lip topper shade, and I almost picked it up, but I think my Bite Beauty Lip Mask in Maple has a similar sheen.

I tried to get more photos of the store and services area, but there were so many people that I couldn’t get a great shot. So, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the fun lines The Detox Market carries. I would highly recommend stopping by if you’re in New York!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Blue Box Cafe Experience

Shopping and brunching

When Reed’s family came in for Easter, we were able to squeeze in a trip to the Tiffany flagship store for some shopping, brunch at the Blue Box Cafe, and a tour of the on-site workshop. It was such a fun day, so I thought I would share our experience on the blog!

First we had brunch on the fourth floor. How cute is this decor? Everything was perfectly on theme from the gorgeous blue walls and chairs to the Tiffany china on the table. The Blue Box Cafe even serves their own tea blend – which is delicious by the way.

Breakfast comes with an adorable fruit salad with tiny flowers and croissants while lunch is served with your choice of three appetizers. I chose the truffled eggs – which were delicious – Gramma had a lobster salad, Jill had avocado toast, and Brent had a waffle. We were all very happy with the food.

After the main course, we were pretty full but just had to order the Tiffany box cake for dessert. How adorable, right? It’s a lemon funfetti cake with buttercream frosting. Overall the service was great and the atmosphere made it really special. If you can get a reservation I would definitely recommend visiting the Blue Box Cafe.


After brunch we were invited to go down to the private salon to try on jewelry. The associates were so helpful and sweet – they treated us to champagne and we were able to view all of these gorgeous, elaborate pieces from emeralds and rubies, to pink and yellow diamonds.

The salon was a beautiful room and relaxing break from the busy floors full of people shopping. I also loved seeing the sketches, CADs, and showcase pieces. Here are some of the rings we tried on and a custom necklace designed for Greta Gerwig.


After that, we had a tour of the workshop where the amazing artisans were working on hand crafted pieces. Some of them were for the Jean Schlumberger collection that is being celebrated this month and they were so intricate and beautiful! The amount of detail, effort, and thought that goes into the work there was seriously impressive and made me even more of a fan. Photos weren’t allowed here unfortunately.

It was such a lovely day with our family. The biggest thanks to Tiffany for such a wonderful experience and making us feel like royalty!

Iceland Recap! Travel Diary

The trip where we got engaged!


Let me start by saying that Iceland is a magical place and I would highly recommend a visit! The terrain is as varied as the weather and there are beautiful sights to be found all over the island. There are rolling green hills, plateaus that seem to pop out of nowhere, snowy mountains, and gorgeous waterfalls all over the place. We loved everywhere we stayed as we traveled from Vogar to Hof over four days. The day we got engaged was truly perfect, which was the sweetest icing on the best cake you could ever imagine.


We started out by exploring Reykjavik – which was an adorable town with winding roads. There was a lot of cool street art, cute shops, and this frozen lake that you could walk on! Reed took this awesome shot of all of the ducks and geese swimming in the frigid water. Check out his Instagram for more – he’s an amazing photographer.


We landed at Cafe Paris where we had a delicious brunch of pancakes with bacon and eggs Benedict. It’s true what they say about the food being expensive in Iceland, so be prepared for $60 breakfasts (without drinks). We actually cooked about half of our meals since we were generally in the middle of nowhere and had a full kitchen for two of the days – shopping in an Icelandic grocery store was fun and affordable.


Then we drove East – for four hours! We stopped plenty of times though because Iceland is seriously picturesque. Our main stop was Reynisfjara – a black sand beach with these cool rock structures. This was the windiest place I have ever been!! The wind was insanely intense to the point where Reed had to hold on to me because it was so strong. The sand was also whipping everywhere, so people were walking backwards and shielding their faces.

We finally ended up at our home for the night – the Magma hotel. The lobby was adorable and we played scrabble and had tea while they prepared our cottage. The cottage itself was quite hard to find at night, but the staff was very helpful and it was worth the trek. The area only has a few little cabins, so it’s quiet and peaceful – I would just recommend ear plugs because the storm that night was so, so windy and loud.

Here’s the inside of the cottage; it was incredibly charming and the golden light in the morning was lovely. While it was quite tiny, it didn’t feel cramped at all and the decor was very cute. I loved reading on this day bed and we made dinner and breakfast in the cute kitchen. There was a full sized bed, closet for all of our winter gear, and nice bathroom as well. I wished we had more time here because it was so nice!

After a relaxing morning, we headed to Vatnajokull National Park to hike to the Skaftafell waterfall. Since it had stormed so badly the night before, the trail was really icy. It started hailing pretty badly about halfway through, but we made it to the lookout point. Then the skies cleared up and we decided to continue to the waterfall. The park ranger didn’t recommend it because we didn’t have crampons, but I’m so glad we went for it, because the view was gorgeous and then this happened…

Reed proposed!! Although we’ve been together for seven years and I knew we would get married eventually, I wasn’t expecting to get engaged on this trip! It was such an amazing surprise and perfect moment that I can hardly even put it into words. I’ll just say that I have the most thoughtful fiancé and I couldn’t be happier – I get to marry my best friend! Telling our families was so fun (even though almost everyone already knew!) and we are so thankful for the amount of love and support in our lives.


If you’re wondering how we got the proposal on camera, a sweet couple was nearby and I asked if they wanted a photo of the two of them. Then they offered to take a picture of us and ended up capturing the whole thing! There are about 6 photos total and I absolutely love that we captured the moment because it was so special. The photos were also a great way to share the best news with our friends and family. We can’t thank you enough, friendly travelers!! And then we have the ring! It’s more beautiful and meaningful than anything I would have imagined. The sapphire is so, so perfect for me.


Somehow the day got even better as we continued on to Hof. We saw an entire double rainbow!! It was so vibrant (my photos don’t do it justice) and I’ve never seen both ends of a rainbow! Here’s Reed at one end and me at the other. Notice how we both have our eyes closed? We’re meant to be 😉 But seriously, it was fantastic and we were both so filled with joy at this point.

Next we drove to the Diamond Beach across from Jökulsárlón which was unlike anything I’d seen. There were small and large icebergs all over the black sand beach and they were the most stunning blue shades. It was incredible! I was starting to get cold at this point, which is honestly not that bad because I’m always freezing and my jacket wasn’t waterproof, but before we headed out…


We saw this!!! As if it couldn’t get any better, we walked down the beach to find three white Icelandic horses running down the beach! It was gorgeous. They were shooting a tourist clip, so this doesn’t ever happen in normal life, but what perfect timing that we were able to catch this!

Then we headed to check in at the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon. This was such a luxurious retreat after all of the hours of driving and exploring – perfectly planned on Reed’s part! We had the best meal of the entire trip – which my parents treated us to, to celebrate our engagement. The food was so fresh and delicious; I would highly recommend eating at the restaurant even if you’re not staying at the hotel and you want a lovely meal after exploring Skaftafell and Jökulsárlón.

After dinner we were lounging in our room when champagne and dessert arrived from Reed’s parents. It was the perfect ending to a truly fantastic day filled with so much love, thoughtfulness, pure joy, and celebration.


The next day we went on a Glacier Hike and Ice Cave expedition with Extreme Iceland. It was a three hour trek (plus a 30 minute bus each way to/from Vatnajokull). This was pretty pricey, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. I mean look at these ice caves!! They were so beautiful and filled with stunning blue, white, and black colors. Plus we climbed a glacier!! It was really cool and a nice active hike with crampons and ice picks. This cave would only last another three or so weeks before it would be unsafe to explore, so I’m really glad we were able to get this in.


Here’s my cute guy in the cave and a little waterfall that we actually drank from! The water was so cold, refreshing, and delicious that we actually filled our water bottles here.

Then we started heading back toward Reykjavik for dinner. It was another four hour drive plus stops, so it was getting late by the time we arrived. We were starving and still had to drive to Vogar, so we grabbed a quick burger at Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar. This place had a fun vibe and the food was delicious. There were plenty of locals eating there too.

That night we arrived at our Airbnb, Narkafot by the Lighthouse, and were welcomed by Dagmar, who was the sweetest host. I sadly don’t have any pictures here because it was nighttime when we arrived and we didn’t have time the next morning, but it was as charming and picturesque as it looks online. I would definitely stay there again because it was very close to the airport, Blue Lagoon, and Reykjavik, but felt cozy and private.

On our last day, we headed to the Blue Lagoon for a very touristy stop. It was actually much nicer than we had heard and there were no lines when we arrived. The receptionist upgraded us to one of the luxury packages with a free robe and slippers, which was so nice. We also had drinks and smoothies while in the lagoon which was fun.

It was still incredibly windy, so we tucked ourselves into corners and little nooks to stay warm. A lovely employee (who was incredibly bundled in the cold and wind – poor guy!) was there to take photos and email them to guests, which was so helpful because we didn’t want to deal with our phones or running back inside. I would definitely recommend going to the Blue Lagoon as you’re heading out for a bit of relaxation before your long flight home – I was glad we did.

If you couldn’t already tell, Iceland was the best trip ever and getting engaged there made it even more amazing. I couldn’t recommend going there enough and loved all of the sites we visited, places we stayed, and food we ate. If you’re heading there and have any questions, let me know!