Benefit Gimme Brow+ Quick and Easy Tutorial

My favorite brow gel


I’ve posted about my love for this product before, but I thought I would put together this super fast tutorial on how to use Benefit’s Gimme Brow+. These three simple steps take less than a minute per brow, but the final look adds polish and definition to my face. Gimme Brow+ even fills in the scar in my left brow while looking totally natural. Thanks to Birchbox for gifting me this when I had just run out of mine!

Winter Five Minute Face (featuring Vapour, Benefit, Covergirl, and Luxie Beauty)

My easiest makeup routine yet!


Lately I’ve been into longer, hydrating skincare routines and I think that extra attention is paying off as I’ve been wearing less makeup! I still love a little bronzer and mascara though, so I wanted to share the makeup I’ve been using recently.

The Vapour Illusionist Concealer had been my go-to for a while (first reviewed here) and I’ve lost most of my summer tan, so shade 010 matches me again thankfully. It has the perfect creamy texture that blends in easily around the delicate under-eye area. It doesn’t settle into lines and wrinkles too much either. My favorite thing about this concealer is the way it reflects light and distracts from my dark veins.

Since I’ve lost that tan, I use Benefit Hoola to bring back some sunshine and definition to my face. This is such a low maintenance bronzer – it’s not too dark, it blends like a dream, and it lasts all day. Sometimes I sweep a bit over my eyes as well to add definition to the crease.

Benefit’s Galifornia is the only blush I’ve been wearing lately. I love the warm undertone and beautiful coral shade; it looks subtle and perks up my face at the same time. I’ve been using this Luxie #660 brush that I received in a Boxycharm (unboxing and review here) to apply Galifornia. It’s supposed to be a foundation brush, but it’s pretty fluffy and diffused blush nicely.

This Get the Pretty Started palette was limited edition, but Benefit brought it back recently! It has two mini Box O’ Powders and a mini Watt’s Up Highlighter for only $20! I originally purchased it for travel, but I use it on a regular basis and would highly recommend it. I think it would make a great gift too.

Lastly, I picked up the Covergirl Super Thick Lash Mascara because the brush looked pretty similar to my HG mascara – Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme. It’s definitely a more natural look (whereas the EL one is very dramatic), but it does provide some nice volume and looks great with minimal makeup. The formula doesn’t bother my sensitive eyes at all, it doesn’t flake or smudge, and it removes easily with my Drunk Elephant Beste Jelly Cleanser. It’s also under $5 at the drugstore! So it’s not a dupe, but I would definitely repurchase.

Those are my staples for this season’s five minute face! What makeup items or brushes have you been loving lately?


Brow Gel Battle – Benefit Gimme Brow+, Glossier Boy Brow, and Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel

Comparing three brow tamers


I love a good brow gel. It’s such a simple step that really helps frame your face. My brow hairs are longer and can get a bit wild, so I need help taming, but I also have a scar in my left brow, so I like when a tinted brow gel can fill in a bit too.

Benefit’s Gimme Brow ($24) is a classic; I think it was the first of its kind with fibers in the formula to help volumize sparse brows while maintaining some hold. Gimme Brow+ is the new version and I kindly received this from the Birchbox team to create some content. Check out for this video on their feed if you’d like!

This new and improved version is vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free and has a water-resistant tint. I got caught in a downpour last week on the way home from ballet and I’m happy to report that it held up very well!

What I love most about Gimme Brow+ is the tiny tapered brush. It helps with precise application and I find it holds enough products for both brows with just one dip of the wand. Benefit definitely has the best color selection, with eight different shades and a variety of undertones! The shade 4 is great for my deep brown brows as it’s just a tad warmer and adds dimension.

Then we have Glossier Boy Brow ($16), which has to be one of the most popular brow gels out there as it once had a 10,000 person waiting list! I picked the shade Brown at their Showroom here in NYC. Here’s 10% off  if you want to shop with my link!

I like the mini brush size and don’t mind the straighter shape on Boy Brow, although it does pick up more product than I generally need for both brows. I think the color is nice too; it’s quite dark and more cool toned.

The formula is a lot wetter compared to Gimme Brow+, which means it can transfer onto my skin easily versus staying on my brow hairs. For that reason, I don’t love filling in the scar on my left brow with Boy Brow; it doesn’t look as natural as either of the others!

With Beautaniq Beauty’s Fill and Tame Brow Gel ($12), the formula isn’t too wet or too dry. The color Brunette is pretty dark and neutral in tone. I love the bright green packaging and how affordable this one is too.

The brush is quite similar to the Benefit one because it’s also small and tapered. I think the very tip of the brush helps get some of the tiny hairs at the tail end of my brow and also means there isn’t too much product to disperse.

Fill and Tame definitely adds definition while still looking natural, but it’s not as long lasting as Gimme Brow+ in my experience (it’s also not water-resistant). My brow hairs start looking a tiny bit wild at the end of the day.

Both get my stamp of approval, but I would definitely recommend Gimme Brow+ most. If you’re on a budget, I think Fill and Tame is a pretty close second choice at half the price!

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara Review

Testing Benefit’s newest launch

The Benefit mascaras are pretty hit or miss for me – Rollerlash is one of my all time favorite mascaras, but I hate They’re Real, so I decided to try a mini from Birchbox to test out Bad Gal Bang ($24 for the full size). I prefer a mix between length and volume that looks fluttery, not clumpy or spidery.

Here’s a close up of the brush – the bristles are very short and only slightly increase in length at the end of the brush to create a cone shape. It’s also a very wet formula that coats your lashes immediately. I think I would prefer longer bristles to brush through and separate the lashes because the amount of product can create clumps quickly.

I have to be very careful applying this, but I do like the overall effect. It’s best when brushed through with a clean wand, but I can make it work without that step too. You can also build Bad Gal Bang up very quickly to get dramatic, voluminous lashes.

This is one light coat of the mascara – I think it looks defined yet still natural. I wanted to mention that it’s a bit harder to remove, which I find true for all of the Benefit formulas. Personally, I still prefer Rollerlash, but I’m happy to have this for more dramatic nights.

Have you tried the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang? What’s your favorite mascara??

Benefit Get the Pretty Started Palette Review

My favorite face palette

I picked up this adorable palette from Benefit back in November and it has been my go-to item for blush, bronzer, and highlight since. All of the shades are gorgeous and blend out nicely. I also love that the palette has a mirror and think the pink packaging is just the cutest.

This was supposed to be limited edition, but you can currently get it at Sephora for $20! It includes minis of the Hoola bronzer, Galifornia blush, and Watt’s Up highlighter.

The powders are highly pigmented, but they’re easy to sheer out on the skin. The Watt’s Up highlighter is normally in a stick formula, so this poured cream version takes a bit of warming up with your fingers. After a few seconds, it looks really natural on the skin and isn’t glittery at all. I also use Hoola in the crease and Watt’s Up on the lid for a quick and easy eyeshadow look.

All in all I have been loving this palette and highly recommend it! What’s your favorite face palette?