Easy Switches to Live More Sustainably

My favorite sustainable products


I’ve been making an effort over the past couple years to use more sustainable items and cut down on waste, especially single use plastics. I did an Instagram Story about this (saved in my Highlights) and so many people mentioned how they’re doing the same or that they loved learning about these products, so I wanted to share here as well! I’ve switched out things like cling wrap and traditional TP for these earth-friendly options and I couldn’t be happier:

  1. Reusable Sandwich Bags ($7) – Isn’t the pattern on these bags cute? They’re perfect for toting snacks to work or storing leftovers in the fridge. I’ve also used mine as a carry-on liquids bag and to gather together all of the lip balms, hair ties, and face powder in my purse. They’re durable, roomy, and seal tight.
  2. Seedling Tree-free Bath Tissue and Paper Towels ($8 and $10) – These renewable Bamboo and Sugarcane paper products are probably my favorite find from Grove. This is such an easy swap because you can have a bundle auto-ordered every month or two.
  3. Thinx Hiphugger ($34) – These have already allowed me to avoid sending dozens of pads to landfills where they would have taken over 500 years to degrade. So worth the price, especially when a box of pads is $15 here in New York. I’ll have a full review on these soon, but I cannot recommend them enough!
  4. Reusable Travel Flatware Set ($14) – I love the way these fit together to store conveniently. They’re also made out of 100% recycled material and come in a variety of cute colors. As an alternative, I purchased this set last year because it also comes with chopsticks and a little case.
  5. S’well Insulated Water Bottle – If you’re still using plastic water bottles, this should be your number one switch. A reusable bottle is so much less wasteful, cost-effective, and keeps water cold for 12 hours. I have a couple S’well ones and they’re definitely nice, but you can also find cute ones at Target for half the price.
  6. Bees Wrap ($7) – This is great for wrapping up a sandwich or covering a small plate of food in the fridge. I realized how often I use Saran wrap in January and made the switch to these coated fabric wraps instead.

Do you have any sustainable options I should work into my routine or tips on reducing waste? Would love to hear your thoughts!