Beauty Products I’ve Changed My Mind About!

Second chances that paid off


I usually know right away if I’m going to love or hate a product. Maybe it’s the wrong shade, or the formula isn’t meant for my skin type, or the scent is just way too strong for me. If I’m leaning towards liking a product, I test it for at least a week before deeming it a favorite. But when a product falls in between my favorites and garbage pile, I’m usually not super thrilled about using it. If it’s just okay, what’s the point?

I decided to give some of my in-between products a second chance recently. Of the bunch, these two have really grown on me! I actually love getting use out of something I had almost written off too!


The Tool Cool for School Guggenosaurus Concealer has become my go-to! One side is a matte concealer for covering spots (bottom swatch) while the other is really creamy and has a peachy tone for under eyes (middle swatch). They both blend quickly and look natural. The under eye side is definitely my favorite because it quickly brightens and has a natural finish (not matte or too dewy). When I tried originally this, I think it was too dark for me. Now that I have a bit of a summer tan going on, it’s actually the only concealer in my collection that matches my skin tone. I’m so happy about this one!

I always loved the color of this MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Staunchly Stylish – it’s the perfect deeper pinkish nude for me (top swatch). It also has a bit of dimension to the color, but it’s not frosty or glittery. The first couple times I used this liner, I felt like it was dry and dragging on my lips a little. It wasn’t very creamy, so I preferred my Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner or Colourpop Lippie Pencil.  However, after using it more, I think that top layer was just a bit stiff and now I’ve sharpened it and gotten into the true product. I usually fill my lips in completely and then add a balm over the top for a bit of hydration and sheen. This combo matches pretty much any eye look and it lasts for half the day while fading away nicely.

After using these two products for a couple weeks, I’ve added them into my everyday makeup bag (which is pretty small!). Have you discovered a favorite product after disliking it?

Sephora VIB Sale Haul (video)

Hi there! I’ve uploaded my first YouTube video featuring some makeup and skincare I picked up during the Sephora sale. For more in-depth reviews, see my last couple posts here on the blog.