Drugstore Dud or Delight: Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Two in one Dud or Delight this month!

It seems like everyone has been raving about the newer Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. This is supposed to be volumizing yet fluffy so your lashes are soft instead of crunchy. I love mascara, especially volumizing ones, so I had to pick this up! I also grabbed a single shadow since it was like $4 and I haven’t tried a Maybelline single in a long time. I think they were reformulated since then too.

Here’s what the brush looks like. It’s a natural bristle brush – my favorite – that’s not too dense and tapers very slightly. The bristles are long enough that they can comb through my lashes without touching my eyelids and smearing mascara on my shadow.

This creates natural looking volume in my experience with a good bit of length. I love wearing this for work as it’s defining without being too dramatic. It also doesn’t flake or smudge (which I can’t tolerate with mascara).

I think it’s harder to remove at the end of the night than my holy grail, Clinique High Impact, but easier than Benefit RollerLash (second fave if it were easier to remove!). I prefer to use a really great face wash instead of oil-based makeup removers though.

I also have the Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in shade 105, Soft Pearl. True to the name, it definitely has a whiter base versus champagne or anything warm-toned. It’s a pretty shimmer that’s not chunky or glittery at all. I think it’s a tiny bit dry, but it’s a good formula for under $4.

I only make space in my makeup bag for single shadows if they’re really incredible, so this one didn’t make the cut unfortunately. I much prefer my Colourpop singles, especially Drift, which is the most gorgeous satin burgundy shade. However, I’ve been reaching for the mascara a ton! It’s a pretty, more natural look for me.

Have you guys tried either of these?? What did you think?

March Favorites!

There were several products I was loving this month, from a hydrating lip and cheek tint to a Trader Joe’s must have. Here is my first favorites video! Let me know what you think!

Here’s the cliffnotes version in case you don’t want to hear me chat about makeup and then get really excited about food for the last 3 minutes:

What were you loving this month? Do you have any Trader Joe’s favorites I should try??

Demo: Maybelline Master Bronze and City Mini Palettes

I’ve really been loving the Maybellines palettes that I reviewed in a new series last week. The Master Bronze Color + Highlight Kit has been perfect for warming up my complexion and adding a glow, while the City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunset can create so many different looks! I’ll use the cream and peach shades for an everyday eye or add any of the shimmers to jazz things up.

Here’s a first impression and demo featuring both of these palettes:

Have you tried either of these palettes? I’ve heard the Bronze City Mini Palette is also great. What drugstore items should I test out next?

Drugstore Delight or Dud? Maybelline Palettes

Swatching these surprising palettes

As you may know, my recent drugstore haul didn’t really impress me, but so many people rave about drugstore items! Plus my current favorite concealer is from Maybelline, so I’ve definitely found some great products too.

I also just won these palettes in a giveaway from Beti. Her blog is my go-to for reviews and swatches and I’m in love with her Instagram. She’s also so sweet and friendly! So, I’ve decided to start a new series called Drugstore Delight or Dud? I’ll test and swatch affordable items and decide if they deserve a spot in my makeup bag!

First up is the Maybelline Master Bronze Bronze and Highlight Kit. It has a shimmery highlight, shimmery bronzer, glitter-flecked bronzer, and a satin bronzer. The texture of these powders is lovely! They’re soft without being dusty. When I lightly tapped my brush in the deepest shade, it was full of pigment right away. Thankfully, it blends out like a dream and sits on the skin beautifully. It also lasted 8 hours without fading.

Here are swatches from the highlight on the left of the palette to the darkest bronzer on the right. The last shade is definitely my favorite; it adds a beautiful warm glow to the skin. The highlight is also the perfect champagne shade with no glitter fallout! It looks very gold here, but it’s definitely not that bold or pigmented on the face. The shimmery bronzer is too much for me personally, so I’ll probably use it as eye shadow. The only color I don’t really like is the third shade, the glitter-flecked bronzer. You can’t really see it in the swatch, but check out this candid picture:

I just don’t like actual glitter particles, especially in a bronzer, because they don’t look natural at all. I much prefer a glow or subtle shimmer. Overall though, I’m really impressed with this palette – it’s a Drugstore Delight!

Next is the Maybelline City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise. I absolutely love the color combination here and I’ve heard some YouTubers (like Tati) rave about these in the past. These powders are a bit chunkier, but they’re still relatively smooth. It just means that they have a little fallout (whereas the bronzer palette didn’t have any). I don’t really mind because the colors are very pigmented and blendable. I also like that the palette is compact, but you can create multiple looks because of the color selection.

Here are the swatches; the lightest two matte shades aren’t as pigmented as the rest, but they’re also closest to my skin tone, so it’s harder to see them. I love that there’s a matte brow bone highlight, transition shade, and dark brown. The shimmers are perfect too whether you want a pop of color or neutral lid.

The pink is absolutely gorgeous and has a strong gold shift – it reminds me a little bit of Kat Von D Thunderstruck in that regard. It also looks like the new Becca Parisian Lights highlighter in my opinion. The lighter shimmer is also interesting because it can look more golden or more cool toned depending on the light. All in all, I’d say this is a Drugstore Delight too! I’m happy to have both in my collection.

I’ll have a YouTube video up soon demonstrating both palettes, so keep an eye out for that! What do you guys think of this new series? Are there any drugstore items you’d like me to try next??

5 Drugstore First Impressions

Here is the video I had mentioned in my drugstore post featuring some new makeup and a couple items that are EWG approved. If you’d like to see me swatch and test everything for the first time, just press play!

What are your favorite EWG approved products or new finds from the drugstore?