Drugstore Dud or Delight: Pixi Eye Reflection Shadow Palette in Natural Beauty

The perfect everyday palette

No secrets here: this one is a complete delight! I’ve exclusively been wearing the Natural Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette since Pixi Beauty kindly sent this over a couple weeks ago. The shade selection is right up my alley and the formula is beautiful as well! I would highly recommend this palette, especially for $24.

The mattes and satins are soft without being powdery and they layer and blend out nicely. The shimmers are truly the star of the show here as they catch and reflect light better than any other drugstore shadow I’ve tried (and probably most of my expensive palettes too!). I apply the shimmers with my finger and get intense color and coverage in one swipe. You can also use a brush to diffuse the pigment a bit if you want something more subtle.

I’m loving the neutral color scheme with a great mix of warm- and cool-toned shades. There are a couple options for crease colors, the perfect matte bone shade, and several shimmers in a variety of depths. I love how you can create so many different looks with this palette! I’ve done a nice all matte look, a simple one shadow shimmer all over the lid, and even a dramatic smokey eye. Because it’s so versatile, I think this is an awesome every day palette and it would make a great travel option too.

Here are the swatches! From the top left we have Sheer Sand, Metal Mauve, and Petal. The second row is Antique Rose, Rose Clay, and Metallic Rose. Then there’s a warmer row with Deep Taupe, Foiled Bronze, and Soft Brown. Lastly, the bottom row is Chocolate Brown, Cocoa Shimmer, and Bronze Gleam.

I continue to be impressed with Pixi Beauty, you guys! The quality of everything I’ve tried is fantastic, plus the line is quite affordable and there’s the convenience of grabbing anything during your next Target run.

So there’s another delight this month! What have you been loving from the drugstore?

Get Ready With Me: Pixi Glow Cake and Kaleido Cosmetics Vacay Vibes Palette

An easy, orange-y look

I’ve been using these palettes so often lately! Here’s a quick demo of one of my go-to looks plus the rest of my makeup routine and favorites at the moment!

Check out swatches and my full reviews for the Pixi Glow Cakes and Kaleido Cosmetics eyeshadows.

Drugstore Dud or Delight: Pixi Glow Cakes

Four-in-one palettes

These gorgeous ombré palettes are a newer addition to Pixi Beauty’s line and I was so lucky to receive them in the mail recently. I really like that you can use each shade individually because the areas are wide enough to fit a blush or bronzer brush. Otherwise, you can mix all the shades together to create a unique highlight shade. They’re perfect for traveling with because they’re so versatile!

These palettes add the prettiest glow to the skin while still looking natural (versus those blinding highlights). The bronzers add definition to the face without looking muddy or sparkly. I love the soft, smooth texture of these powders – they blend like a dream and don’t have any fallout. It’s safe to say these are definitely a delight! You can find the Pixi Glow Cakes at Target for $28.

GildedBare Glow is my absolute favorite as I’ve been really into warm, peachy hues lately. The highlight is a true champagne that reflects light beautifully; the blush is a light, glowy coral; and the bronzer is warm-toned without looking orange. I love all three shades and use them on a regular basis. This is actually the only blush I’ve worn in over a week! It’s just such a lovely color that goes with any makeup look! When you mix all the shades together (like the swatch closest to my hand), it turns into more of a gold highlight shade.

Here is PinkChampagne Glow. It’s really pretty as well and all of the shades are more cool-toned. The highlight is a very light pink; the blush is a medium, brighter pink with blue undertones; and the bronzer is lighter with pink undertones while still having some warmth in the shimmer. When mixed together, this creates a shade that’s pretty close to my skin tone, so it’s hard to see on my wrist here.

Overall, I love the formula and think both shades are beautiful and would work on a variety of skin tones. If you’re torn between the two, think about what kinds of lipsticks or glosses you normally go for. Are you drawn to brighter or cool toned shades? Like baby pink or red with blue undertones. Or do you find yourself wearing more nudes and shades with orange undertones? I wear a peachy nude lip most days and go for a pop of coral when I’m feeling bolder. The GildedBare palette caught my eye right away; it’s in the same color family, so I knew I would get more use out of it based on my other favorites.

Which palette do you prefer? Have any drugstore loves I should try next?!

Drugstore Dud or Delight: Yes To and Pixi Beauty

One skincare review; one makeup review

I’ve used a few Yes To products in the past (the cucumber and blueberry cleansers and I think a tomato moisturizer back in the day) and I was pretty impressed with the line. I really believe in investing in your skincare, so when I find a drugstore line that works for me, I’m happily surprised.

I received this Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mask Bar last month thanks to the Preen.me VIP program. It came with this adorable little brush, which is super soft and perfectly applies this mask. I’d never tried a mask bar before, but it’s really a genius invention, especially considering how much I travel! There’s no mess and it doesn’t count as a liquid for carry-on bags.

The first step is to wet the clean brush and then swipe it across the charcoal bar a couple times. You should pick up enough product for about half of the face. I make sure I’m applying to clean skin since I have to dip the brush into the mask again for more product.

Then you let it dry for ten minutes and wipe away with a damp cloth. I’ve had drier than usual skin this season, but this thankfully this still works for me and doesn’t dry my skin out more. It does feel a little “squeaky clean” after rinsing, but a bit of moisturizer takes care of that. I only use this once every couple weeks when I really need a detox. It’s great a few days after flying when my skin starts to freak out.

I think this is a tiny bit pricey for the drugstore ($16.99 at Target), but I think it’s an innovative product and it’s effective. The travel friendliness alone is worth it to me. Definitely a Drugstore Delight in my book!

Next I’ve been testing out this Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing Mist that I purchased on Dermstore. I hadn’t ever shopped there before, but so many people on Instagram have raved about it. They carry tons of amazing brands and I received 20% off my first purchase, which was awesome.

This product is really interesting too because you can use it in a few different ways. If you spray it before applying any makeup, it prolongs the wear of the products. You can of course use it to set your makeup once finished – which I’ve been doing most often – and then refresh throughout the day too.

I haven’t found a setting spray that I love enough to use consistently until this one! It really gives my makeup a natural looking finish and does seem to extend the wear. The only tricky part is the nozzle… I find it best to hold the bottle about a foot or arm’s length away from my face. The circumference of the spray is great there, but any closer and the mist turns into more of a spritz with noticeable drops on the skin. The packaging is also super cute and I like the scent. Another Drugstore Delight here!

It was definitely a great month for drugstore finds for me! What should I try next? Do you have an holy grail items from the drugstore?